Aichi-Nagoya Aerospace Consortium

Aichi Prefecture is the world’s leading industrial manufacturing region, which is home to the headquarters of both a passenger jet manufacturers and major automotive manufacturers.
Mitsubishi Aircraft and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., develop the Mitsubishi SpaceJet Family, which is the first “made-in-Japan” passenger jet. One third of Body parts for the Boeing 787 are produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., and SUBARU Corporation. The Japanese national flagship launch vehicle, the H-II-A, H-II-B, and H3, are also developed and produced in our region.
Furthermore, Aichi Prefecture is the world’s largest automotive industrial region, where the headquarters of Toyota Motor Corporation and its exceptional parts suppliers are located.
‘AICHI-NAGOYA AEROSPACE CONSORTIUM’ strives for development of the regional aerospace industry in Aichi Prefecture through the collaboration of all sectors of the aerospace industry in our region, such as The Aichi Prefectural Government, The City of Nagoya, industry-supporting organizations, industries and universities.
We serve as a bridge toward facilitating business relations internationally, under cooperation with overseas local governments and cluster organizations where aerospace industries are concentrated.

Aichi-Nagoya Aerospace Consortium consists of

Our initiatives

  • Hold networking events
      • Invite international guests to encourage the building of new business relationships between regional and overseas companies academia
      Strengthen relationships among companies from around our region and beyond
  • Exhibit at various international events for sales channel development of regional companies
  • Operate matching programs between SMEs and buyer companies including aerospace key players
  • Dispatch experts to aid companies in the acquisition of certification (JISQ9100/AS9100/EN9100/Nadcap)
  • Hold various training programs and seminars through collaboration with universities and industries
  • Hold internship programs for high school students to experience work at regional companies.
  • Assist in the formation of R&D teams including regional companies and academia

Our Region