AICHI-NAGOYA AEROSPACE CONSORTIUM- composed of local governments, supporting organizations, industries and universities - is committed to developing the aerospace industry in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, through cooperation with overseas local governments and cluster organizations where aerospace industries are concentrated.
Our consortium promotes the aerospace industry through various initiatives, such as networking events, exhibitions at international events, matching programs, assistance in acquiring certification, various training programs and seminars, internship programs, and the formation of R&D teams.


The Heart of Japanese Aerospace,

Aichi Prefecture, with its capital City of Nagoya, having a population of 2.3 million people, is the World’s leading industrial manufacturing region, boasting both aerospace and automotive industries. Our region produces the Mitsubishi SpaceJet family of regional jets and one third of body parts for the Boeing 787. The Japanese flagship launch vehicle, the HII-A, HII-B, and H3 are also produced in the region. In regard to the automotive industry, the headquarters for Toyota Motor Corporation and its exceptional parts suppliers are located in Aichi.